A. Operating robot stations and machines

Master /Slave station with two welding robots Cloos designed to assemble Constructions up to 3 m by 1,5 m . 3 external axes are fully integrated in the station for easily manipulating the assembling items.

5 stations armed by Cloos welding robots including fully integrated external axes to assemble constructions up to 2,2m by 1,5 m. In all those stations axes are also fully integrated into the robot programming for easily manipulating the assembling items.

Panasonic Station with external linear axe of 5 m including three manipulating axes around the linear axe.

All robot systems are fully operating with high performance pulse welding machines Cloos and Panasonic with seam tracking and positioning correction. We are able to work on Aluminun alloys, stainless steel and classic steel materials.

Our company can design for every item the correct calibre in cooperation with our design company Jeagerson nv.

We have also a full automatic cutting machines for preparing items in above stations.

In our plant we have two operating CNC machines , a machining centre Takisawa with tool changer 16 tools ( X 550 mm, Y 450 mm and Z 400 mm) and CNC lathe machine Deawoo Puma 12m ( X 350 mm and Z 1000 mm) with tool changer 10 tools.

We can deliver you all needed materials by laser cutting machines up to 15 mm, high quality crimp work and punching work in cooperation with Jeagerson nv.

B. Our main objective

With all our capabilities described above we are able to being part in your business for high quality subcontracting jobs calculated with the best prices. We are pleased to deal our knowledge and offer you our best deals in those projects